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Avignon was a lively and cute town with ample street entertainment. My two favorite musical moments are featured here.

This band attracted a huge crowd in the square outside the Papal Palace, and for good reason. They played a lively rendition of Havah Negilah--It's possible I was the only Jew in the crowd, but the song was a crowdpleaser nonetheless!

This guy just couldn't help himself--he liked the band so much, he had to get out there and dance! It was a little bizarre, but also entertaining.

From their matching outfits to their energetic performance, this band really put on a show. Increasing the odd factor in the audience, a toddler started wandering into the empty space in front of the band and the dancing guy started dancing behind the toddler. I doubt I was alone in thinking the guy was a little weird, and possibly drunk…

The baby never even noticed him!

They would make an awesome wedding or bar/bat mitzvah band!

My other favorite musical moment in Avignon was when I discovered an accordion player in a narrow street surrounded by high rock walls behind the Papal Palace. His music was lovely (think Amélie soundtrack) and two members of his audience spontaneously started dancing in the street. It was magical!

Dancing in the streets of Avignon

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