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Mostar was our next stop on the way to Sarajevo. We dropped off a friend who was riding with us and staying there, and then took a quick walk through the old part of the city, over the famous bridge and back. It would have been nice to have had a few hours in the city instead of just 45 minutes, but we got to see it and it was certainly worth the stop. On the bridge, there was a young guy in swimming trunks trying to get tourists to pay him to jump off the bridge into the river below! The bridge is quite high, so it would have been interesting to watch, but no one was willing to shell out the high price he was asking (us included).

View from the bridge looking across the river at part of the old town

This is the view of the bridge from the location seen in the first picture

After we left Mostar, the drive to Sarajevo through the mountains was breathtaking. Most of the time, the road followed a bright turquoise-colored river, with the mountains soaring above us. It was one of the more beautiful things I have seen so far on this trip, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a good photo of it.

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On our road trip down to Dubrovnik, we stopped for 2 hours in Ljubljana and then spent the night in Zagreb. Ljubljana had a lovely old town area that definitely required more time to explore than the 2 hours we were given. I only was able to see the old city of Zagreb at night, but it had a very vibrant atmosphere and I would love to go back and visit for a longer time. Before we left for Dubrovnik in the morning, we attended a lecture at the law faculty at the University of Zagreb.


A sundial on the wall of a church in the old city of Ljubljana

There were weird sculptures all along the sides of this bridge. Are these supposed to be dragon skulls?

This painting, located in the law building at the University of Zagreb, depicts the development of the school.

This is the Croatian National Theatre of Zagreb, across the street from the law school building where we attended a lecture.

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The Canal St. Martin is one of the spots I never managed to visit when I spent the summer of 2009 in Paris, so it was on my to-do list for this trip. I’m a big fan of the film Amélie, so a visit to a location from a scene in the film is always exciting for me. (If you don’t know where the Canal St. Martin scene is in the film, it’s been too long since you have watched it, and you should watch it again!) It was a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the beautiful May weather while resting our tired feet, and the place where the Canal actually runs above ground level is really cool.

Canal St. Martin on a beautiful May afternoon

The best part of our visit was when a houseboat came up the Canal and we realized it was heading straight for the locks just uphill from us. We hurried back up to the locks in time to watch the boat enter a lock, while the water was raised, then the gates to the next lock were opened, the water in that lock was raised, and once it reached the level of the upper portion of the Canal, the final gates open and the boat was back on its way. Two people on the other side of the locks climbed the fence while the second lock was filling and hitched a ride on the boat! The rush of the water was pretty loud, so I couldn’t hear the conversation between them and the boat captain–I’m assuming they knew each other, but who knows, perhaps they were hitchhikers.

Houseboat waiting for the lock to fill up at the Canal St. Martin

We finished the evening by eating at a vegetarian Indian restaurant just a few blocks away by the Gare du Nord. It’s a fun little area with amazing Indian food, and a great place to get a bite to eat before or after you visit the Canal.

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