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It’s time for me to say goodbye to Europe and hello to the United States. I’m sitting in the Marseille airport waiting to board a flight to Amsterdam where I have a layover before heading to Atlanta. I haven’t been able to upload photos from my camera to my computer since I got to Albania (and I couldn’t find an electronics store that sold the right equipment), so I have tons of posts just waiting for their photos. (My iPhone photos just aren’t good enough to go ahead and post everything.) There’s a lot more of my trip you will see soon. In Albania, I will post about my visits to Kruja, Durres, and the breathtaking southern beaches and Llogora Pass. After that, there’s my stay in Polignano a Mare in the Puglia region of Italy, a surprise afternoon visit to Rome, as well as four days in Nice and Avignon in France. Until then, I have to share my favorite photo of the whole trip, which I took this past Sunday in the old city area of Nice:

I saw this guy in Nice. His cat calmly sat on top his backpack while he conversed with this couple (who had their dog on top of their table), and then he hopped on his scooter and rode off, while the cat just sat there like this was perfectly normal.


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Turkish Animals

There were lots of cute animals to photograph in Turkey, and I really enjoyed all the animal time I could get since I am missing my cat and horses back home. Here are some of the animals we saw:

Cats in Istanbul: we saw stray cats everywhere in Istanbul, and most of them looked well-fed and were very friendly.

We saw this cow nearby our hotel in Fethiye. It was common to see cows, donkeys and even horses tethered to the side of the road where grass is abundant.

This boxer belonged to the owners of our guesthouse near Kusadasi. I had several pet boxers growing up, so I was delighted to find a boxer in Turkey!

This long cat was sleeping outside the Hagia Sophia.

There was an abundance of chickens (and chicks!) at Yonca Lodge

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