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These are a few more pictures from our week in Croatia. The sunsets were really nice, so I took a lot of sunset pictures. Our last night in town, we had a group dinner at the top of a mountain in a restaurant that was an old train station. The dinner was traditional Croatian food, and the meal began with cherry and walnut brandy—or rakija for those who like their drinks a little stronger—on the terrace outside the restaurant.

This guy was walking around the Dubrovnik harbor with a live octopus. Interesting...

Our restaurant at the top of the mountains

The view from the mountaintop restaurant

One more sunset photo...


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One afternoon, five of use rented a motorboat so we could explore the bay around Mlini. We took the boat to a small island with a bar (though it was already closed when we got there). Then we hopped over to the next island, which was covered in seagulls. Finally, we drove back over to the mainland and went into the harbor at Cavtat, which was a really cute little town with several yachts anchored by the main street. We stopped there for a drink, and left just in time to get caught in a terrible thunderstorm as we headed back across the bay. We all got soaked from the rain and the waves, but at least we managed to get back without being struck by lightning!

View of Cavtat from the harbor

Entering the harbor at Cavtat

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