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Český Krumlov (German name Krumau) is a gorgeous fortress town in the Czech Republic near the Austrian border.  The town is situated on the Vltava river, on a little piece of land where the river makes a loop almost back onto itself. This means the town is nearly completely surrounded by water, which really adds to its beauty and charm.

View from the fortress overlooking the town

The castle itself is massive, and high up on a hill, so when you go up there you get some amazing views of the town. For some reason, the castle is known for the bears kept in a moat-like area by the entrance gate. The bears were neat, but they didn’t look particularly happy. Inside the castle complex, one can visit part of the labyrinth-like cellars, which are fascinating.

The other fun part of this quick visit was eating what appeared to be the local version of street food, which was a sweet dough cooked on a steel rod, so that once it is done you have a hollow tube of pastry that looks like it could be a bracelet. They are rolled in cinnamon and sugar, and you can also get the interior smeared with condiments like nutella. They were delicious!

The castle cellars housed a weird art exhibition.


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The first weekend of the SAIICA program took place in Prague, where we attended a lecture on Czech arbitration courts on Friday and then had the rest of the weekend free. I’ve visited Prague before (and loved it!) so I was happy to see it again. I mostly spent the trip doing things I have already done before, since it was my mom’s first visit: visiting the castle complex, walking across the Charles Bridge, visiting the synagogues and Jewish cemetery (though only from the outside since it was Saturday), and of course watching the astronomical clock. We did visit the Wallenstein Gardens, something I didn’t do on my last trip, which were lovely and also free. Another highlight of the weekend was dining on a rooftop terrace in Mala Strana (the lesser town, just below the castle), where we ordered their asparagus tasting menu for two. Finally, the most bizarre but also entertaining experience was when we encountered hundreds of “zombies” marching down the street near the Vltava river, which apparently was the Prague Zombie Walk 2011.

Prague was full of zombies!

The obligatory Prague photo: The Astronomical Clock



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