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These are a few more pictures from our week in Croatia. The sunsets were really nice, so I took a lot of sunset pictures. Our last night in town, we had a group dinner at the top of a mountain in a restaurant that was an old train station. The dinner was traditional Croatian food, and the meal began with cherry and walnut brandy—or rakija for those who like their drinks a little stronger—on the terrace outside the restaurant.

This guy was walking around the Dubrovnik harbor with a live octopus. Interesting...

Our restaurant at the top of the mountains

The view from the mountaintop restaurant

One more sunset photo...

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Croatian Cats

There were cats everywhere at our resort in Mlini and in Dubrovnik too. Lots of guests were feeding the ones near our resort, so of course we went to the store and bought canned tuna and dry cat food. Then one night while eating dinner in the old city section of Dubrovnik, we saw a cat catch a pigeon and carry it off, so I guess they are pretty self-sufficient. One of the cats was a mom with four kittens, and we had a lot of fun with them. The kittens weren’t quite tame at first but eventually two of them started to let us pick them up.

This cat didn't even wake up when we sat down on the bench next to it. It did roll over on its back when I started petting it, though!

This little calico was the bravest of the kittens.

Mother cat was so patient she would just sit while the kitten attacked her tail.

We called this cat "beach kitty" since she was always hanging out right by the beach.

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After a 9 hour bus ride, we finally reached the Dalmatian coast. Though long, the drive through the mountains was beautiful, and the sunset over the mountains was impressive. At one point, we were all wondering if the bus driver knew where he was going, since we were driving along a barely-defined dirt path under a partially constructed bridge between two mountains. Everything turned out fine, as we eventually ended back up on a paved road. We passed through the strip of coast belonging to Bosnia, and made a quick stop in Neum, which I had visited 2 years ago with my boyfriend. It was already 10:00 at night (22:00 for you Europeans) when we reached our hotel in Mlini, just south of Dubrovnik itself, so we didn’t get to see the sights until the next day. However, we did get to sit on our balcony over the water and watch the moon set over the ocean horizon, which was a unique experience.

Sunset over the mountains in Croatia

The view from our bungalow balcony in Mlini, Croatia

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