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Mount Dajti is the mountain close to Tirana. Tirana itself is very flat, but the mountain is not far at all. Just on the edge of town, you can take the Dajti Ekspres, a gondola lift/cable car ride up to an area near the top. Up at the top, there is a hotel with a café, some restaurants, and hiking trails. The ride itself is quite long and is a great way to see the scenery, while once you reach the top, you have a nice view of Tirana. When I visited, the view was very hazy because it was quite hot and had not rained recently. This means my pictures of the view aren’t so great, so it’s hard to properly convey the experience here. It’s a great trip that can be done in an afternoon, and I highly recommend it as part of a visit to Tirana, since the city itself does not offer many experiential activities.

Heading up the mountain in the cable car you have great views, but the photo opportunity is not so great since most of the windows are scratched up with graffiti.

View of Tirana from the overlook point at Mount Dajti


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Tirana, Albania

I finally arrived in Tirana on July 1, and I started my internship on July 4. I had a huge backlog of posts to write and upload from my Turkey vacation. Internet was not readily available in Turkey, and when there was wireless, it was often so slow there was no point in trying to use it. Now, that I’ve finally gotten caught up, I find myself just starting to post about Tirana on my 3-week anniversary of arriving here! So, the basics of Tirana are that I have a nice studio apartment on the 7th floor of a building that (thankfully) has an elevator. Of course, the two times the power was out when I was coming/going were not very fun–imagine walking up the stairs in the pitch dark because neither elevator nor lights are working. I also have air conditioning, which is good because it has been as hot as my home in Georgia here! It’s 10-minute walk to work or to the center of the city, and I also live very close to an open market, so overall it’s a very good location. There’s more to come about my life in Tirana soon, but in the meantime here are some photos I took during the first week.

The view from my balcony

The same view, but at sunset this time

The "river," is more of a stream, but still nice.

If you stick your head out my balcony window and look to the left, you can see Mount Dajti!

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