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Upon leaving Fethiye, our next stop was the southern Aegean region of Turkey. We spent the next four nights in the hills near Kuşadası, but thankfully not in this crowded, uninteresting port city. Our guesthouse was located close to the village of Kirazli, which means “place of cherries.” There were indeed cherries there, as well as many apricots, and we had a really nice lunch in the village at a restaurant called Koy Sofrasi. Our dessert was a bowl of organic apricots from their orchard, and they were one of the best desserts I had on this trip! There’s not much to do or see in Kirazli, but the drive through the mountains to get there is very beautiful, and it’s a nice stop for a meal.

This picture was actually taken during our drive through the mountains from Fethiye to Kuşadası

Organic apricots at Koy Sofrasi

Looking back toward Kuşadası from the mountains on the Kirazli road


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After a 9 hour bus ride, we finally reached the Dalmatian coast. Though long, the drive through the mountains was beautiful, and the sunset over the mountains was impressive. At one point, we were all wondering if the bus driver knew where he was going, since we were driving along a barely-defined dirt path under a partially constructed bridge between two mountains. Everything turned out fine, as we eventually ended back up on a paved road. We passed through the strip of coast belonging to Bosnia, and made a quick stop in Neum, which I had visited 2 years ago with my boyfriend. It was already 10:00 at night (22:00 for you Europeans) when we reached our hotel in Mlini, just south of Dubrovnik itself, so we didn’t get to see the sights until the next day. However, we did get to sit on our balcony over the water and watch the moon set over the ocean horizon, which was a unique experience.

Sunset over the mountains in Croatia

The view from our bungalow balcony in Mlini, Croatia

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