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I arrived at the airport in Rome for my flight to Nice on BluExpress only to find out that the flight was delayed by 9 hours. As the awesome Canadian couple who were behind me in line pointed out, it seemed like quite a coincidence that an absolutely gorgeous young Italian man was stationed at the entrance to the check-in line in order to inform the passengers on my flight of the delay. He told us that we were going to receive a 250 Euro refund, though about 7 weeks later that refund still hasn’t shown. However, they let us go ahead and check our luggage immediately, and thanks to the encouragement of Ashley and Conrad (the Canadians), I set off with their map in a taxi headed for Rome! It was my first visit, so it was pretty exciting.

I had the taxi driver drop me off at the Coliseum. I was in awe!

The arch near the Coliseum--now I can't remember what it is called.

After taking some photos of the Coliseum and surrounding areas, I walked down the street to some churches to see what I could find. Through sheer luck, I found the Roman Houses exhibit under the Basilica of Santos Giovanni i Paolo. It was really hot, so exploring these excavated houses underneath the Basilica was the perfect activity, and it only cost 4 euros with my student ID! Supposedly some of the houses on this site were the homes of John and Paul.

This is one of the frescoes in the Roman Houses.

After leaving the Roman Houses, I walked back past the Coliseum and down the main boulevard toward the more city-like, less archaelogic (though not really) section of Rome. There were tons of sites to see along this road, and then I finished up my major-sights tour with the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Piazza Navona. I had to save the Vatican and the Spanish Steps for another day, but after spending 5 hours in Rome I was certain that I would be back.

These statues line the street in this area

I loved the winged horses in the fountain.

The Pantheon was closed for mass when I visited, but the doors remained open and I got a good look at (if not a photo of) the interior of the dome.

My feet hurt for days after my whirlwind walking tour of Rome, but it was definitely worth the pain. As my taxi was leaving, I couldn’t believe it when I noticed a statue of Skanderbeg in a piazza! Sadly, my camera wasn’t out and I couldn’t photograph it, but it was funny to come across that connection to Albania so soon after having left. When I arrived at the airport, I found out that our flight was delayed another hour! At least I had good company, because I was able to find Ashley and Conrad and chat with them while we waited.

The crowds around the Trevi Fountain. Some of the nearby streets were wall-to-wall with tourists.

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