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It’s a sad day–this post marks the end of my travel posts about my summer abroad. My last two days in France were spent in Avignon, which was charming and unique. I really loved it there, and can’t wait to visit Provence again. Enjoy the last of the photos!

My first evening in Avignon, the setting sun colored the Pope's Palace golden while a rising moon appeared in the sky overhead.

Here's another view of the palace. Yes, it's huge!

Avignon wasn’t just a great big medieval palace. Other highlights of the town included a lovely garden on cliffs overlooking the Rhone and the refreshing blow of the Mistral, the Provencal wind that makes even summer days cool.

Lots of late summer flowers were in bloom.

The flowers of Provence

Last, these mysterious painted “windows” on several buildings required more than a passing glance. I would love to know who painted them, and if there are any stories to the scenes depicted inside.

Views into the "windows" of Avignon

Who are these people?

And can they see me?

Here’s one more of the Palace, just for good measure.

Under the bright blue Provence sky.

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I spent my last two nights in Europe in the charming town of Avignon, home of the French Papal Palace, and the famous Pont Saint-Bénezet, the subject of the well-known folk song. The bridge was built in the 1100s and later partially collapsed as a result of river flooding. Now people pay about 10 euros to walk on a “Bridge to Nowhere” (that one is for my Constitutional Law professor!). The Rhône valley is stunningly beautiful, and the partially-collapsed bridge and river are very photogenic.

Sleepy ducks on the river banks.

View of the Rhone from the cliff-top gardens by the Papal Palace.

The beginning of the bridge at the edge of the city walls.

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